Stone Fish Studio

Western Cape, Cape Town , Paternoster


For those who enjoy captivating displays of locally produced artworks, a visit to Paternoster’s Stone Fish Studio will be a real treat. The Stone Fish studio and Art Gallery is very charming, located in an old white wash building that seemingly blends into its seaside surroundings. This old building is one with a rich history that dates back to the year 1863 when it was first constructed and served the community as a mill, after which the building became the village bioscope and then for a long time, storage for the Paternoster fisheries.

Of course, the Stone Fish gallery is mostly lined with art pieces by Western Cape’s creative artists, ranging from intricate and beautiful sculptures and pottery pieces, to a working studio belonging to Dianne Heesom-Green. There are also regular workshops arranged here by well known South African artists such as Andries Gouws, Theo Paul Vorster and Andre Jacobs – these team building events and art classes are very enjoyable and open to all who wish to partake. The Stone Fish Studio also provides visitors with a lovely wi-fi lounge, where keeping in touch and browsing the net can be enjoyed over a fresh cup of coffee by Origin Coffee. Enjoy fantastic artwork, great coffee and this wonderful historical home while visiting Paternoster.


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