Kayak Paternoster

Western Cape, Cape Town , Paternoster


Paternoster boasts some of the West Coasts most stunning beachfront settings, where families and friends seek out hours of holiday fun and leisurely sun soaking. It is also incredibly popular for visitors to engage in outdoor sports here, many of which involve the ocean itself. Kayak Paternoster offers guests the opportunity to enjoy guided sea kayaking trips that will create unforgettable memories, from those on a romantic honeymoon or weekend away to groups of friends seeking the ultimate thrill.

The most popular time for visitors to enjoy the Kayak Paternoster experience is early morning, when the bay is full of birds that have created their nest homes among the beach rocks. The kayaks launch from Paternosters main beach, a picturesque scene where in the distance, fishermen can be seen getting ready to pull up their boats to the sandy shore. A trip with Kayak Paternoster can be enjoyed by all, regardless of previous kayaking experience – friendly guides and safe surroundings allow for smooth sailing, with the possibility to spot dolphins, whales and even adorable penguins. These penguins have established a small colony on the outer rocks that is only accessible to view by boat. The Kayak Paternoster trips are weather dependant and do need to be arranged in advance, open to people between the ages of 9 and 79 years old.


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