Bikini Beach

Western Cape, Cape Town , Gordons Bay


A stunning beach in the exciting holiday area of Gordon’s Bay in Cape Town that regularly attractions large crowds of youngsters to its sandy shores, Bikini Beach is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Bikini Beach got its name from the young students of the nearby university who seek out their recreational and leisure time along this expansive beachfront, in bikinis, board shorts and ready to enjoy this awesome spot to the fullest. Bikini Beach has earned an impressive blue flag status for being incredibly safe and secure, while beautiful views of the Hottentots-Holland mountain range in the background set the tone for an amazing say of swimming, tanning and adventures. A variety of nearby beachfront restaurants and cafe’s allow beach goers to enjoy lunches and cocktails nearby, while the beach is also popular among water sport enthusiasts keen on enjoying some swimming or even surfing the waves, which are known to be pretty great all over the Cape.

The nearby harbour lies in the distance and is a great source of amazing seafoods, where anglers can be seen fishing from the harbour walls from time to time. Families, friends and couples come together to enjoy this lovely beach and all that it has to offer, from early morning jogs to afternoon sunbathing, or even for a romantic stroll at sunset.


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