Clifton, Cape Town, Western Cape

Staying in our Self-Catering Holiday Villas or Apartments at the luxurious Clifton, you will be sure to enjoy the fresh air and clean beaches. Clifton has four famous small beaches named 1st beach to 4th beach, all with white sands and clear water.

Our accommodation portfolio consists of fully furnished self-catering Villas, Flat and Bungalows, some with the beach on your doorstep, while other apartments sit high in the hills or upper floors so you get the best views of the clear ocean as far as the eye can see.

All our accommodation establishments are graded by the grading council of South Africa and have a 4-star status ensuring you the highest standard of furniture, luxuries and service. Most of our apartments, villas and bungalows are child-friendly while the Clifton beaches are great for kids.

Accommodation Near Clifton